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WHY KA Design?
Since 1998, KA Design has been developing working relationships with numerous clients across the country.  We are located in Southern Oregon.  We have worked with a multitude of clients - from startup companies, small businesses, to ISP carriers.  We believe that our continued success derives from a combination of factors: sensible business practices, prompt customer service, and conscientious attention to detail.

Front-End/Back-End Development
Whether you need a Corporate look & Feel developed, or an application developed, we can handle it.  This makes KA Design a “One Stop Shop for Web Design and Graphics”.

Meet the Owner

Ken Aguilar

Management Profile

Results driven professional with experience leading global project teams, motivating staff, implementing technology driven programs, and administering multi-million dollar budgets.  Possess an in-depth understanding of web technologies and related applications. Thirteen years of training experience in sales (communication skills) and software.  Culturally sensitive and  internationally traveled leader.

 - Project Management
Relationship and Team Building
 - Quality and Performance Improvement
 - Design, Structure, and Navigation
 - Decision Making and Problem Solving
 - Strategic and Operational Planning
 - Process Reengineering
 - Multi-Site/Global Operations


KA DESIGN, Grants Pass, OR.                                                      1/2003 - Current

  • See below

PHILIPS SEMICONDUCTORS, San Jose, CA                                 1999 – 1/1/2003

Global Intranet Services Manager

  • Redesigned Look & Feel and Navigation for Philips Semiconductors Intranet – 600 websites globally
  • Selected, implemented and support Content Management system
  • Designed, developed and conducted Content Management software training globally for 600+ users
  • Developed processes for Intranet publication – Ownership, creation, maintenance
  • Responsible for web server functionality, scripts, application development
  • Responsible for hiring, training, developing and motivating a global team consisting of 17 members
  • Responsible for a multi-million dollar budget and serve as a site manager for members outside of my group
  • Developed and conducted Web Development conferences to bring together the talent in the organization and further the web growth – held in USA, Europe, and Asia

KA DESIGN, Tracy, CA                                                                     1997 - 1999


  • 3 month contract position with C-Cube Microsystems. Responsible for migrating site to new location and modifying pages to current design standards. Responsible for troubleshooting over 1000 pages. Assisted other contractors and trained employees with usage of NetObjects Team Fusion editor.
  • 2 month contract position with start up company (part-time basis). Site architecture, layout, demo site for investors, and creating graphics to portray proper look and feel.
  • Contacted, sold, developed, and maintained Internet websites for 30+ businesses. Some of these sites were attained through ISP carriers. Handled everything from site design, architecture, merchant accounts, layout, applications, scripts, web statistics to research and recommendations.

VECTOR MARKETING CORPORATION                                               1987 - 1997

District Sales Manager

  • Recruited, trained, developed, and managed an average of 150 sales representatives per summer (100 non-summer) in the Bay Area.
  • Developed 7 Branch Managers.
  • Developed 16 additional Assistant Managers.
  • Developed #3 Sales Representative in the US (out of 20,000)
  • Started as Sales Rep in 1987, quickly advancing to Assist Manager in the fall, then to District Manager in 1988.  During the summer of 1987:
    • Received company’s highest Sales Representative promotion in the first year.
    • #2 Sales Representative (out of 400) end of summer campaign 1987
    • Assisted sales team to #5 office in the US.

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