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Here at KA Design, we offer some unique support services.  Whether you need e-mail support, or content management consulting/set-up, we can help. Please review the services below, and if there is something you do not see but have an interest in, please let us know.

 Setting up of E-mail

Here at KA Design we will help you set up your E-mail on your desktop. This can be done in person or remotely through NetMeeting. Either way we will ensure that your E-mail accounts are functioning correctly. We also supply ongoing support for adding or deleting E-mail accounts.

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 Business Branding

KA Design will assist your organization to have a consistent Branding. Whether you are using Powerpoint presentations , Flyers, Letterheads, Posters or any other business materials, it is very important to portray your organization with the same 'look'.

Even if you don't have or would like a more striking Logo for your organization we at KA Design can design a Logo that will work well in both 2 colors and full color presentations.

To see some of the examples, check out the examples section.

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 Software Training

Have you created your website with Microsoft Frontpage, Dreamweaver or NetObjects? Or maybe the company that originally created it is not in the picture anymore and you would like to learn how to maintain it... Either way, we can help.

Whether the support is for one person or 500, we can assist you. we have experience in training hundreds of users on the three brands listed above besides offering support. We can create custom software training material for your business.

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 Content Management Tool Selection

With all the content management tools on the market today, it makes it rather a daunting task to choose which one suites your organization. We at KA Design can assist you in this area. With years of experience in a large corporation and smaller companies we have the experience to and knowledge of Content Management Tools.

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Last Updated on:Saturday, January 12, 2008

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